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Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout - with Kelly Galloup

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Product Description

Based on Kelly's book, "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout," this production includes the theory and tactics he's developed for bringing the biggest fish in your waters to your fly.

The jerk-strip retrieve, essential to this technique is just one of the finer points of streamer fishing taught in this video. Learn the lines, leaders and patterns that will bring bigger fish to your presentation. Learn the tactics you need for fish that have charged but missed your fly.

Fly Selection: An innovative tier and creator of patterns, Kelly Galloup goes through his selection of streamer fly patterns for streamer fishing. He reveals his system of selecting the style and color of his streamer flies as he progresses through the fishing day. Learn the unique flies he has developed specifically for this technique.

This how to fish a streamer fly video is based on Kelly’s book of the same title which is widely recognized as one of the most innovative publications on the subject of streamer flies and streamer fly fishing in decades. Kelly spent years researching how to fly fish streamer flies for trout, including a lot of time underwater watching fish behavior. The result has been a new way to retrieve streamer flies and a new generation of streamer fly patterns.

The beginning of this streamer fly fishing video is devoted to Galloup’s “Predator Theory” on how to fish a streamer fly. His premise is that big trout do not feed often and when they do they usually look for a big meal. Consequently much of the time, the daylight hours when we fly fish streamers, the biggest fish are not active. His belief is that in order to pull those big fish out of their resting places you need to wake them up with a big streamer fly and then get them to chase it down.

Essential to the theory is understanding where big trout reside when you are streamer fly fishing. A good deal of time in the production is spent reading trout water and explaining how to fish a streamer fly in various water types. You will discover that how to fish a streamer fly is much more than simply casting it across and downstream which has been the common method of streamer fly fishing up until this point. His intention is to put the streamer fly in front of a big trout and that strip it away from them erratically. He want to bring the animal out in big trout that you fly fish with streamer flies.

One of Kelly’s biggest contributions to the art of how to fish a stream fly is what he calls the jerk strip retrieve. He came up with it as a way to put more animation in his streamer fly patterns as they move through the water. His idea on how to fish a streamer fly is to cast a streamer fly into likely holding water and pull it downstream and away from the fish. At the same time he animates his streamer flies by jerking it with the rod tip. Traditionally streamer flies have been animated on the retrieve by pulling the line and not twitching the rod tip. If you try both ways of retrieving your streamer fly pattern you will see a great difference in the amount of movement imparted.

Essentially this is what our Kelly Galloup streamer fly fishing video, “Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout”, is all about. We guarantee that if you get the dvd or watch our streaming video on streamer fly fishing you will discover a great new way to hunt big trout.

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